About Us

YALÇINER PATENT was founded in 2000 to provide consultancy and training services including representing national and foreign entities and researchers in the field of industrial property protection and legislation. We provide attorney and consultancy services in Turkey and in other jurisdictions industrial property matters including registration of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications as well as search and monitoring.

Our distinctive feature is our extensive knowledge and experience in regard to every aspect of industrial property in Turkey. The founder of our company, Mr. Ugur G. YALÇINER, who is also the former founder president of Turkish Patent Institute (now Turkish Patent and Trademark Office) and a former consultant to WIPO, initiated and involved in the drafting and implementing of Turkish industrial property legislation.


YALÇINER PATENT offers services of exceptional quality to  distinguished domestic and foreign clients  including legal and natural entities, universities, and government institutions at both national and international levels and provide representation in Turkey and before intergovernmental organizations.

Our technological capabilities: We use our self-developed in-house

software for process management, of trademarks, designs, patents, utility models and legal cases as well as search and watch services therefor.

Our search and watch software covers Turkish national trademarks and international trademarks designated in Turkey in addition to designs, patents, and utility models.

Pharmaceutical experience: YALÇINER PATENT successfully operates prosecution of patent and trademark cases and advises on the full spectrum of IP-related work on pharmaceuticals including patent applications, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches, availability searches with legal opinion, cancellation/invalidity and infringement analysis, filings, and other prosecution cases under management and supervision by directors of both Patents and Trademarks & Designs Departments who have academic degrees in Chemistry.